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Geocaching Diversity

Geocaching, at its heart, is a technology based game. Wait! Game? Activity? Sport? Adventure? Here is the thing…people view Geocaching with many different view points, starting with how they choose to answer the question “What is Geocaching?”

The basic idea is the same – someone has hidden a log book out there somewhere and its your job to find it, using a trusty GPS as a guide. Sign the log and rehide it in the same place and as well hidden (or better) then you found it. Trade for small items fairly, and either don’t keep trackables or don’t pick them up in the first place.

From there, everything else is up for grabs. Some people want numbers and boast thousands of finds (or hundreds of hidden log books). Some people want a cache found for every day of the year (this years Leap Day was Mecca for the calendar cachers!), a cache for every difficulty level and terrain level matrix, to find caches alphabetically, to log caches on their birthday…and on and on and on endlessly.

There are team cache hunts, solo champions, family groups and couples.

Caches can be traditional “Lock’N'Lock” containers or custom built ones designed to blend in, or to stand out. The containers range from the size of a pea, to a full on garbage can and bigger.

Cache pages range from “Find the cache in the stump” to detailed and complicated puzzles that need to be solved to find the cache, to a series of caches to be found in order before logging the final.

The list of variations goes on. Every cacher has their own likes, and ever OTHER cacher must respect the “rules” the game player chooses to follow. There are other courtesies as well, but generally we have to accept that signing the log and carefully rehiding the cache where you found it is the only unbreakable rule in the game. Many cachers don’t even respect that, sadly, but most do, happily.

I’d love to hear about what you are working on or what interests you, and answer the questions in your own words: What is Geocaching? What part of Geocaching interests you the most?

  Copyright ©2013, Kevin MacDonald